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ASDOH Students

Our passion for young professionals and the dental community collides at AT Still ASDOH!

As a D4 who will either soon begin practicing as a general dentist or enter a residency, you now have the opportunity to help protect the income you have worked for almost half a decade to earn. Every year we educate the D4s on the ins-and-outs of disability income insurance and answer all questions you have relating to various carrier contracts. If possible, we do this in the classroom setting but many of the students have told us that they find our dinners the most helpful (plus, foods on us!).


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We'll let the past graduates speak to their experience with RFS.

Michael Lukavsky, Class of 2016

"Elayne Jackson was really informative and explained well all the options with insurances. Really flexible with time and meeting for any questions through email or in person."

Thy Ly, Class of 2016

"My experience with Elayne has been wonderful. Our first meeting was very informative. She spent time presenting all the different insurance plans, which was very useful for me to choose the plan I felt was best for me. The information presented did not feel bias or forced, making my decisions very clear. Elayne is also very detailed and always makes notes to follow up with my questions. Even after 1 year, she still emails and updates me on any changes that might benefit me. I would highly recommend her services to anyone."

Erin Feller, Class of 2017

"My fiance and I talked with Elayne regarding disability insurance a week after he broke his leg in a dirt-biking accident. His accident kicked us into gear to get disability locked in before we graduated. Elayne and her daughter Lauren were amazing, personable and made it extremely easy to understand all the plans and options we had and helped us to make the best choice for our situation. They went above and beyond to help my fiance get the best coverage with having a broken leg as well as helped us get the disability coverage to include our post graduation trip overseas."

Haley Van Winkle, Class of 2017

"When purchasing disability and life insurance, I found that Elayne's explanations of coverage and information about my various options were easy to understand. She was easy to work with even through my multiple questions.  I felt that she had my best interest in mind and wasn't just trying to "sell" me insurance. Thank you Elayne!"

Chris Evans, Class of 2016

“Elayne went and continues to go above and beyond for my family’s disability insurance. I had so many questions about insurance in dental school and she helped me address my concerns and feel good about the product I was purchasing. Plus, she’s privy to lots of great discounts and deals that many others don’t have access to. A great way to go, for sure!" 

Delaram Aghili Mehrizi, Class of 2017

"Elayne was there every step of the way to help me find and choose the best disability plan. She made things simple and easy. I highly recommend her services!"

Kristine Keber, Class of 2016

"Working with Elayne has been great!  She has been immensely helpful and has made the disability insurance process understandable and simple."

Erika Arana, Class of 2017

"Elayne made the process for obtaining long term disability insurance understandable. She was responsive and facilitated meetings in accordance to my schedule. I gained confidence in the insurance I chose because she gave me ability to be able to compare this foreign language in terms that would be relevant for my future and career."

Anna Truong, Class of 2017

"Despite being far from AZ, Elayne and her team have always been reachable and have maintained  an open line of communication which have always met our needs."

Jason Boeskin, Class of 2017

"When going through disability insurance there were so many details about insurance that I had never considered or knew existed. I learned so much working with Elayne because she broke everything down and explained what to look for and what it means. I really appreciate how she takes a neutral approach and gives individualized recommendations for each persons situation. I highly recommend seeing Elayne!"

Kaitlyn Neglerio, Class of 2016

"Working with Elaine helped me understand all the different kinds of disability insurances out there and which one worked best for my needs going into residency."

Harvey Youssef, Class of 2017

"Elayne and Lauren have been extremely helpful throughout the process of finding disability insurance. They will answer your questions and get you the rate that is best for you."

Chase Taylor, Class of 2017

"Elayne and her team are fantastic to work with and the transparency the team provided on all topics was very helpful in our decision making process. I highly recommend Revere Financial Services to all my professional colleagues.” 

Ivan Halim, Class of 2017

"Elayne and Lauren will go out their way to find the best disability insurance. They are very responsive and will do an extra step to make sure you get the right policy.” 

Pratiksha Amin, Class of 2016

"Elayne was the most helpful agent when I was researching which disability insurance to choose. She was not only the most knowledgeable, but also the most patient with my multiple questions about the plans and contracts. I didn't blindly trust her because of her credentials, but she earned my trust! I'm very happy with her service and the plan I chose."

Corey Paulino, Class of 2016

"Elayne and her team are the most professional, committed and well-educated group of insurers, whom we continue to trust since graduating from ASDOH!"

Diewitt Duong, Class of 2017

"Elayne and her team are extremely engaging and approachable, making it convenient to learn about what disability insurance options are available." 

Kara Dragone, Class of 2017

"Elayne Jackson is very knowledgeable about the different disability insurance options.  She took the time to explain things and help me understand the different options and which policy was best suited for me while in residency."

Vy Vy Vu, Class of 2017

"Lauren and her mom were awesome! They answered my 101 questions and accounted for future changes that I see coming down the pike. They found plans that fit me as an individual and are consistently there for me and my friends when we need them!"