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Here's What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Willie Hawileh, Chief Operating Officer, IT Partners

"In the years that Elayne Jackson has been assisting IT Partners on our healthcare affairs she has always been thoughtful and insightful with regards to our needs. Her healthcare knowledge and suggestions have been extremely valuable to our company. Elayne is extremely responsive and she is always "looking out” for what's best for us. She's driven by a desire to serve our best interests through cost effective plans that has provided us with the security to depend on her. With all the changes and the new laws around healthcare, I'm glad to have her by our side to help us navigate through it all. She has been nothing less than great to work with.”

 Dr. Irv Tischler

"Being a busy healthcare professional myself I truly value Sam's professional advice and expertise. I have known Sam personally and professionally for about 15 years and during that time I have sought his professional counsel for financial and insurance planning. He has always responded in a timely and expert manner, with sensible solutions to whatever he has been charged to do. He is a great friend and I regard his opinions in the financial services and insurance sectors highly.”

Carissa Swanson, OD

"What can I say about Sam Post? Nothing bad, that's for certain! He is a wonderful financial professional. He explains everything in details and in an understandable way. I first started working with him a few years ago, when he helped me with my health insurance and disability insurance. He presented me my options that relieved any headaches. He also opened my IRA for me, which I have been extremely satisfied how my money is being invested. Sam is an extremely trust-worthy financial services professional. I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.”

Douglas Camping, CFO, The Camping Companies, Inc. 

"I've worked with Elayne Jackson for over 10 years now and she continues to exceed my expectations. She has brokered our company health insurance for that entire time and always works with us to obtain the best benefits for the best price. She has also helped me with personal life insurance for my family, and I've been very pleased with the products and the price. Elayne is extremely knowledgeable on all insurance products and I would highly recommend her for any insurance needs you may have.”

Jay Zweig, Bryan Cave, LLP

"Sam has acted as an [ally] and a resource in protecting my family with appropriate and cost-effective medical, disability and life insurance programs. I have enthusiastically recommended Sam to friends and clients."always well protected, and because of this I can sleep well at night!”

Tom Himes, Owner, Himes Leasing and Sales 

"I have known Elayne for many years. Besides knowing her products very well, she always responds quickly to any questions I might have… that to me is very important. Elayne is very professional and watches out for my best interests. I am very glad she is handling my financial needs”

Dr. John Wallitschek

"I have worked with Elayne since the '90s. I will admit that early on, I questioned some of the things she had recommended. As time and various circumstances played out, I found her guidance and recommendations were right on.

I experienced a life changing medical event in 1999 that did not allow me to practice dentistry again. I have been able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle because of the insurance and investment services that they had provided for me.

You will not find anyone with more integrity or knowledge than Elayne"

David Boca, DDS

"In my almost thirty years of business I can say Sam Post is a man of integrity. He has become a real source of comfort and support that is rare in business today. Every time I would call concerning insurance matters or even personal support, and there were many, he never let me down. I strongly recommend Sam for any of your business needs. He is a great man to have in your corner. He is genuine and loyal. Don't pass up an opportunity to work with him.”

William J. Hall, M.D., Infini Comestic Associates

"It is with pleasure that I let others know about my experience working with Elayne Jackson over the past 8 years. She is certainly the best I have ever used for insurance purposes.

"What makes her different and so unique in this industry is her sensibility and approach to others needs. She has always worked hard to shop carriers to find us the best coverage with only quality carriers. She is also extremely accessible and always answers phone calls and emails promptly and with thought and thoroughness. She is a rare find in this day and age!”

Samuel Cohen, DMD

"Sam Post saved my life. Sam was able to get me very good health insurance in 1989, after I was geting rejected on applications when I applied myself. A few years later I had a five vessel by-pass, that would have wiped me out financially without insurance. Over the years, Sam was able to get me two, $500,000 life insurance policies and a $5,000 disability policy. When I sold my practice in 2005 due to a disability, I was able to transition to private life with a big cushion of $5,000 a month for 3 years due to Sam's oversight.

Yeah, Sam Post- he protected and made my life easy in my transition to retirement. I love Sam Post.”

Dr. Roberto DiVito, AZ Center for Laser Dentistry

"Sam's dedication and abundance of experience in this industry has provided me with the knowledge and assurance that I will be taken care of, both as a colleague and a friend. I would highly recommend his services to any professional seeking a solid financial future.”

Becky S. Figueroa, Administrator Papago Buttes Pediatrics

"I have been a business associate of Elayne Jackson for the past 19 years here at Papago Buttes Pediatric Center and have found her to be one of the most professional, detailed people I have had the pleasure to know.

Elayne implemented and handles most all of our insurance policy needs for my practice and my physicians. She is detailed and has quick knowledgeable answers about each policy when we have question or need to address any changes. One of the things I most appreciate is her honesty and her punctual updates on Healthcare Environment changes and how they will affect our practice.I have found Elayne to be professional and kind to my staff and physicians on every occasion. She takes the time to answer all of their questions with professionalism even if she has had to state the same thing many times.

On a personal note; I have long since had a friendship with Elayne away from the office and value her uncanny ability to separate our business relationship from our personal one, as they are both equally important to me.”

Anthony Bufano, Client

"Elayne Jackson has served as a financial guide to my family but also my elderly parents since 1984. She has served us extremely well. By reviewing our accounts yearly, she has allowed us to have excellent earning annuities as well as insurance plans to protect our loved ones. We feel she truly has our best interest in mind. We value her input and insight as well as her caring attitude. We would recommend Elayne to anyone.”

Gary Morgan, OD, Eye Tech Associates

"I have worked with Sam for 20 years and consider him a trusted professional and friend. As a doctor, time is in short supply. Sam has always been on time for our appointments and has been well prepared to keep our time during business hours brief; this is refreshing as I deal with many in the medical industry that don't seem to grasp this concept. But most importantly, Sam knows what it takes to ensure his clients are always well protected, and because of this I can sleep well at night!”

Kevin Clark, The Camping Companies, Inc

"I was first introduced to Elayne after I started working at The Camping Companies, Inc in March of 1999. As my responsibilities with the company have increased over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with Elayne directly with regards to the health care needs of our company. It has been 14 years since our first meeting and I not only consider Elayne the best at what she does, I also consider her a close friend and confidant. Elayne is simply tenacious when making sure The Camping Companies, Inc is taken care of with amazing customer service not only from herself but all of our vendors as well. Thank you Elayne for everything you do for us, it is sincerely appreciated by myself and everyone here at The Camping Companies, Inc.”

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